Are you struggling with your test automation project? I can help you get on the right track.

You and your team work hard to ship out your latest and greatest web application. However, to get things done quickly, the app hasn't received the proper testing it needs. It feels like every time you ship new code, something breaks. As a result, you and your team spend most of your days finding bugs and putting out fires instead of adding new functionality.

You know that having a reliable automated test suite will improve the quality of your application and help you deliver faster with fewer bugs. But that sounds like a lot of work to get to that point. How do you start, or how can you keep your tests running smoothly when you have all these other tasks to do?

Your test automation doesn't have to be a hassle to run and maintain. Imagine having a stable and reliable automated test suite that's easy to maintain, giving your team back their valuable time.

I know how frustrating it is to have a flaky, unreliable test suite and not understanding how to make it better. Since 2004, I've been working with startups of all sizes, helping them get started with test automation and fixing their issues.

Ready to begin making your test automation work for you instead of working against you? Let's have a conversation and get started.

1) Schedule a call

Let's schedule a video call to talk about your current situation to understand how I can help.

2) Create a plan of action

Together, we'll develop a plan that fits your needs to begin improving your testing today.

3) Follow-ups

We'll schedule a check-in after a week or two to see your results and course-correct if necessary.

Who am I?

Dennis Martinez

My name is Dennis Martinez, and I'm a full-stack web developer and automation tester living in Osaka, Japan. I've worked in software development since 2004 and have over 16 years of professional experience building technology products. My recent experiences include working on web applications across different industries, like e-commerce and non-profit organizations.

I'm also the main author of Dev Tester, a blog to help you improve your test automation skills as a developer. I publish weekly articles covering software testing and automation.

You can learn more about me and the other services I provide on my website.